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The back of every Farmer Direct Organic package features a 19-20 unit alphanumeric code with four dashes.

It may look random, but it’s one of the most unique things we offer, second only to the food itself. That number tracks each product from the shelf all the way back to the farmer who grew it. It reveals when each lot was harvested, how it was processed and packaged, and even which field it was grown on. Everything we claim to be—organic, fair, safe, transparent—is demonstrated by these nineteen to twenty traceable numbers. 

  1. PROCESSOR/BAG FORMAT CODE: Lets us know who processed/bagged and what bag format
  2. PRODUCER CODE: Specific to the exact farm where the grain was grown
  3. BAGGING DATE: What day and year the product was put in the final bag format for distribution
  4. CONTRACT NUMBER: Allows us to trace the product purchase back to specific lot, purchase date, truckload, etc.
  5. CROP CODE: Abbreviation standardized for each individual commodity

Farmer Direct Organic has a long-standing commitment to single origin lots. With the exception of our oats, which we source from a group of organic farmers, we never mingle product into the same container—resulting in each package being traceable back to a single farm, and a single harvest year. Whenever a product is handled or moved into a new package, it receives a new lot number to indicate who handled it, when, where, and how. 

Rigorous reporting and single origin lots dramatically reduce fraud and improve food safety by eliminating potential cross contamination risk. If a product is recalled, there’s a much smaller volume of affected product. Food safety isn’t the only reason to track a product through its life cycle, though. We want consumers to engage in their food supply chain, and not just for their own benefit—for the sake of our farmers, too. 

Farming can be a thankless job, but it is far more fulfilling when you know whom you’re feeding. Ultimately, we hope to reestablish vital connections between growers and consumers around the world. We will only succeed if we avoid generalizations and diligently pursue integrity. 

To learn more about the farmer behind your Farmer Direct Organic product, please email contact@fdorganic.com with your lot number.